Welcome to the Anima Tactics Team Builder.

As with any website, this is a work in progress. Please let me know if you find any issues or if I missed any character profiles or advantage/team cards.

NOTE: be sure to verify the correctness of you list using the list building rules and requirement. This Team Builder does not check for every situation.


06/30/10 - All currently released advantage cards have been added. I'm working on characters before I can the remaining team cards.

06/07/10 - I'm working on adding the logic for Summons into the Databse. Which made me think about the army building logic. Some of the team building logic isn't built into the code. Since i'm no programmer, it may never be added. So verify your lists when made here.

03/09/10 - Minor Update - Morrigan and High Ariter Arkeid have been added/updated. The rest is coming.

11/21/09 - Got the Army Builder online and generated a list of missing characters updates.

Thanks to: Totengräber of Totengräber's Workpläce (the developer of the armybuilder) for sending me the code and backend materials to bring the armybuilder on line.

Missing figures:
Momiji - Dark Samael Prowler - Lv. 45
Alius, Holy Soldier - Light Summon Warrior/Mystic
Elhaim, Maiden of Light - Light Summon Warrior/Mystic
Genma - Neutral Samael Mystic
Grimorium - Neutral Wissenschaft Warrior/Mystic
Legacy of Solomon - Neutral Wissenschaft Leader Warrior/Mystic
Belith - Dark Wanderer Mystic
Azur Agent - Dark Azur Alliance Prowler
Ahriman, Lord of Darkness - Dark Summon Warrior/Mystic
Ignis, Fire Demon - Dark Summon Warrior
Samael Agent - Warrior / Mystic
Church Agent - Warrior or Mystic
Wissenschaft Agent - Prowler