Non-Work Update

I am not all work…. Just mostly work.

I have found that roleplaying games work best on a tight calendar. You can get in a good session in 4 hours or less. If you are playing there’s no setup time. If you are running the game there is a prep-time but not terribly much.

I am playing with a Pathfinder group (High Fantasy – elves, orcs, etc.) that meets every Thursday. Lots of fun. I am playing a Tiefling Bard/Fighter. The character is more Fighter than Bard, with a bit of gambling issue.

I have been running an Zombie game where the characters are in Portland, Oregon for over year now. The group meets once a month & that has been loads of fun. I recently transitioned from the Outbreak Undead rules to The Strange (by Monte Cook Games). I am really enjoying The Strange rule set. It runs on the Cypher system. Transitioning to The Strange setting has allowed for more roleplaying and an overall better game. Outbreak released an updated rules system, but after brief look it didn’t call to me, so I made the switch.

I am running two Play-By-Email (PBeM) games. One using the Magpie system, a long abandoned system, but its very simple. I was able to adapt it to a sci-fi setting. The player is a member of good guy spy organization. The other PBeM game has a Space Opera theme. I’m using Numenera, another Monte Cook Games Cyper system game and a Star Wars Mod. We shall see how that goes.

As far as miniature games go….

I have not done anything with a miniatures game in a long time. On occassion i get the urge to play Malifaux again, but it hasn’t happened.


I am currently waiting on rewards from 5 kickstarters.

The most disappointing is Drake by Action Game Miniatures. This has proven to be a bust. I got half of my rewards & then nothing. I am certain the owner has abandoned the project because the company ran out of money. The estimated delivery date was July of 2013. NOW as bad as that is, Action Game Miniatures launched a 2nd kickstarter before delivering even half of the first kickstarter. NO, I didn’t give them anymore money. Oddly enough, other people did. Those people have gotten nothing at all. This was the kickstarter that turned me off to the process.

However, it didn’t stop me from backing other projects. I am waiting on rewards from three different RPGs. Two I backed due a personal connection, the third just sounded cool. Of those kickstarters, One is almost complete, Maximum X-Crawl: Powered by by Pathfinder. I met the writer of this RPG at GenCon & playtested this rule set. I got the physical rewards in the mail last week and I’m waiting on PDFs of the remaining materials. There’s no doubt its coming in the next week or so. The remaining two, I haven’t given up hope I’ll get them, they are just taking a while.

The final kickstarter isn’t late, but it will be. Communication has been good from the company.

I look at kickstarter all the time, but I’m done. If I see something, I will wait until it hits retail to pick it up.

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