“You should show your blog some love”

That’s what I was told by a former student I keep in contact with. And truer words couldn’t be spoken.

Well my update indicates one thing, another term is DONE! Winter Term 2013 is in the books. This was a good term. I was very happy with how 225 went, very smooth. Really can’t say that very often. 187I, that was a different story. My labs were rough to say the least. Attention to detail on my part. Those kinds of things bother me the most. There were a lot of mistakes I could have avoided with a second or third pass over the lab instructions. CIS 288M status quo, I’ve taught it so much it was pretty much auto pilot. Although, I had to add a technical skills assessment (TSA) to the class.

The TSA is a way to prove to the state the Computer Information Systems – Networking Administration degree is meeting the outcomes as outlined. Me and another networking instructor developed a series of labs that addresses all outcomes and inserted the lab into our classes. I was able to insert the labs into my class with a fair share of ease, the topics of the lab were already found throughout my class.

I realized now that I’m going to have to generate a report on the first attempt at this. Report my own insight and how the students did overall. One more thing.

The next “big thing” is planning the migration from Server 2008 to Server 2012. A migration from Windows 7 to Windows 8 has been put on hold. This is due to several burning issues. One and probably the biggest. Windows 8 in the corporate environment. PCC has discussed this issue as part of upgrades to systems in the labs & on desks and it doesn’t sound like there’s wide acceptance. Also….

There’s talk of Windows Blue! Yes, another operating system.

Haven’t heard about Windows Blue:



Doesn’t sound…. Positive. So PCC will wait and see. The focus of our program is always what will students see when they graduate. And if the corporate world is doing something different, we as an institution must adapt.

As for the Server 2012 migration, It looks like we’ve got a book for 240M (server intro/ some Active Directory) and 289M (all Active Directory). And that leaves 288M the step child of Microsoft networking courses. The topics are so quick and dirty in 288M, DNS, DHCP, networking done the MS way that its hard to find a book that presents a term’s worth of material. But I need to find that book in short order. One of the items on my spring break list.

And then I need to build the lab environment and get my hands dirty…..

For Spring, I’m teaching 225 again, 289M & 140M (Client Operating System – Win7) Should be another low key term. Two out of three classes are online. That’ll be interesting. There’s 0 development this term, which I’m ok with!  Just class prep & grading. Which should be enough.

Then there’s my Doctoral Studies:

I am in quantitative analysis and education law in higher education. The Quant class is on campus, so that means monthly trips to Seattle. But that’s about it. And I realized this will be my last trip coming up. My last three classes will most likely be online. I’m not totally sad about that. I rather enjoy the structure and interaction with fellow students that comes with being online.

My last three classes are qualitative analysis, education policy & advanced research methods. Which means my time to find a new dissertation topic is really getting slim. I’m going to focus on the completion agenda (that’s a topic post all by its lonesome).

I’m on track for comprehensive exam in January. WOW, that’s closing in fast.

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