That’s more like it….. A month between updates.

I’ll start by saying, I am the master of unrealistic expectations!

For some reason I thought, two classes over summer would be….. Yes, easy! There, I said it. EASY! (I mean I’m not teaching right, not grading, no time on campus doing lectures) What the hell was I thinking?! Not even close!

The governance class has been kicking my butt. I am doing 3 to 4 assignments a week & as you might imagine then are not simple, in any way shape or form. All that deep thought, heavy analysis and citing the work of people that prove my point.

The leadership class has not been as bad. Mostly reading and reporting on what I read. I have a mega-paper due very soon that will probably take hours, upon hours to write. There has been considerable  overlap in the governance class with stuff from the first class in my core (The Community College) and the Leadership class. So there is a lot of reinforcement of concepts I am in the process of absorbing. Not a ton of new concepts and definitely not what I expected out of the class.

Regardless, it ends on Monday, August 13th. I am going out of town on August 14th (I’ll get to that in a moment) and WILL have all of my classwork done before I leave.

I am signed up for my last two core classes, which start in Sept. So I will get some time off from school work to focus on getting ready for Fall term. Never ends I tell you!

I will confess, while I’m working hard, isn’t all work and no play. I WAS getting out and getting in some game time. That hasn’t been the case the last two weeks. But before that, I managed to sneak out once or twice a week.  I returned to Privateer Press’ Hordes around the beginning of summer. It was the easiest game to get players. I didn’t expect the return would last long. I haven’t fallen out of love with the game again, just no time.

I maybe returning to Malifaux. Wyrd will have a large launch at GenCon. Which is where I’m headed next week. For those unfamiliar with the  gaming event of all gaming events:

I went back in 2010:

I have no plans to pick up new mini games, my time is limited as it is, but there are a lot of new hotness coming.

This year I decided to plan out my GenCon experience, I’m signed up for a events every day of the Con. Since I have 0 desire to lug mini’s across the country and even less desire to play in big tyme events, I’m going with role playing games. Given my time issues I’ve never been able to participate in a regular RPG group. I’m going to get in hella roleplaying time over the 6 days.

When I get back from GenCon, it’ll be all course development! Yeah! So I’d better have a good tyme!

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