Farewell Summer!

I survived the first two weeks of my two classes and I’m neck deep in week three.

Out the starting gates it is a heck of a lot of work and I’m barely keeping it together. I am horribly behind on reading, something I expected to happen in fairly short order. Reading has ALWAYS been something I have struggled with. While I understand the importance of reading, it always seem to be on the back burner. For years, at least ten, I have wanted to change that aspect of my existence and it has not happened. Not professionally or leisurely.    And if I haven’t been able to change all these years, I am not sure how I’m going to inflict change.

Continued quest for self-improvement!

There is proving to be a healthy dose of overlap between the higher education class and then writing class. Not content-wise, but assignment-wise. I know I will have a clear understanding of the process. I also feel like my topic will have fairly rough boarders. My topic is certainly starting to take shape.

I am back on campus, it is in-service week! Meetings, meetings & yes! More meetings. This has eaten up a lot of this week.

My key to all of this is going to have to be staying organized. I will have to make sure I have a clear understanding of every assignment and when it is due. I will have to make sure I know what I have to do for teaching and gauge how long it will take. That has always been a challenge for me. Being realistic about the time it will take for me to accomplish most tasks.

With what seemed like non-stop work over the summer, I am not 100% ready for the start of the term as I had hoped. I wouldn’t even say 50%. That is very disappointing. It doesn’t help that the ONE class that was 100% ready to roll for the start of the term got cancelled due to lack of enrollment! That sucked. So its going to be another crazy fall term. Trying to stay ahead of the game.

Gaming, unfortunately – it is pretty much out the window. I had planned on doing Tuesday night gaming at Rainy Day games once or twice a month. It would appear that isn’t going to happen now. I’m sure I’ll manage to find something, but I will have to wait until after my second class is finished.

I have kept up with the monthly painting challenge. I have been working on my Freebooter’s Fate models. Might actually have a crew fully painted for the game, before the painting challenge reaches a year.

I have been playing a new board game called Quarriors. Oddly enough, it involves a lot of dice! Me the worse dice roller on the planet. But it’s a fun game.  (http://wizkidsgames.com/Quarriors/)

My other projects for summer, also seem totally unfulfilled. Seems like that is always the case. Including Cert Study!

So much self reflection and need for improvement. Its hard to find a starting place.

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