A Hot Tub, you don’t say?

Well after the water damage was all fixed, me and the wife talked about switching insurance agents and possible insurance companies. Well I happen to have a friend that’s in that line of work. I pass along the info and after a while I get an email that says, “your county says you have a hot tub. You been holding out on me at parties”

So I do a little research, gotta love the Internet! And BLAM! I’ve got a hot tub.  That certainly won’t do, so I send out an email to the county to figure out how I get that resolved. The hot tub adds to the value to the house and I could have an impact on my homeowners insurance. I got an immediate response and an apparasier is due out during the next “maintenance phase” I guess that’s when they go out and check on things.

The records for the house so that the hot tub was installed in October of 2010 when we got the heating/cooling system. So it must have been some kind of paperwork mix up. Shold be fixed in short order – I hope.

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