Moving Right Along

So where to begin:

I posted the last of my course content for the term, now its all grading. The term is 2 weeks from done. Which puts me 3 weeks from vacation! Oh yes!

It’s time for a massive gaming update, Don’t see that getting posted today. BUT, I’ve been painting. Getting the content posted freed up a few moments in my schedule to get me painting. And so I’ve been busy. Picked up an Anima Tactics figure, Clover on Wednesday, before Thanksgiving. Got him cleaned, assembled and primed (Not hard since its a one piece fig). Started painting on hime right away. I picked P3 Beaten Purple as the primary color. (I can do anything easy!)

Used a White primer, laid down a base coat of P3 Menoth White Base. Then started with the first of many purple layers. On the third layer now. Inbetween layers, I put down a wash of P3 Flesh Wash, it worked with the color. But I’m going to have to lay down a darker color with the Purple to hit the creases. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve also been thinking about my web presense. What is RobertsGuild all about. I’m starting to put together some ideas. We’ll see where it goes.

But I am still alive!

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