Game List

At the start of the break, I’d set out play every game I currently owned.

The list:
WarMachine (Khador)
Hordes (Trolls)
Warlord by Reaper
Anima Tactics
Firestorm Armada

That’s mini games anyway. At this late stage in the game, only one games remains – Hordes.

Technically there are still three card games:
WarHammer Invasion
Warlord the card game

Of the card games, I haven’t played Warlord.

Pretty Impressive. Last week I played three of the games in one day, Anima Tactics, Firestorm Armada & WarMachine. Been months since I last played WarMachine. It went well and wasn’t a drag, thanks totally in part to my opponent. I find the Warmachine experience to be totally based on the opponent.

Anima Tactics and Malifaux still rank as my favorite games. I’m still getting use to Firestorm Armada. AE-WWII is a game played on a rare occasion.

Interesting, I think most gamers pick up a game and stick with that game. They might have one game on the side but they pick a primary game and play it into the ground and then move onto something else. Sometimes they sell all of game A to get into game B.

I’m more of a game collector.  An example…..

I got a major urge for a Sci-Fi game. Headed into GenCon that is wht I was on the hunt for. Something Sci-fi. Aliens, powered armor and heavy blasters! So I picked up a few things at GenCon.

Urban War – both the skirmish and large battle rules

I haven’t played any since I got back. I’ve got models for Zynvaded. AE-Bounty can use any models. And I’m waiting for the Urban war models to come in the mail.

Lately, I’ve developed a dirty little secret. I’ve been eyeballing Warhammer Fantasy. It’s large scale combat. Massive Large Scale combat. And it cost $$$ to get into! There’s a decent sized following at Knightfall Games.

I have no loot for that! So…. That’s what keeps it off my radar. That could change. (that’s what I keep telling myself – anyway)

The last thing is a new card game, PKCards. Interesting concept. Each pack you buy comes with a gold points card. This magic number gives you random number of gold points, after you sign up on the website. With these gold points you can get merchandise. Of course you need a ba-zillion points for that. But you can also get Online Decks so you can play the game online. There isn’t a large following, yet. But I’ve got enough gold points to pick up a bunch of online decks. Oh you can also wager these gold points in matches against other players. Gambling with digital currency.

We’ll see how this goes. I made a Magic Online account forever ago and I rarely play that.

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