GenCon Bound!

Well, that didn’t take long – AT ALL! It’s 2 am and I’m up and ready for my ride to the airport. Like a kid ready for Christmas!

I’m going to be helping out at the Cipher Studios and Fantasy Flight Booths. I’ll be doing demos of Anima Tactics, Friday and Saturday. Thursday, I’m getting my shop on! I’ll hit up the Malifaux booth first, new rule book, new figs, misc con swag! After the Malifaux booth….. I’ll probably check out the Privateer Press booth. There should be at least one faction book out, Skorne. I’d like to hope the Troll book is there as well. But not holding my breath. After that, no real path. Just seeing all the new hotness.

I’m particularly searching for a Sci-Fi fix. We’ll have to see what the show holds.

What have I been up to leading up to this…… NOTHING! Ok nothing on the work front. I’ve been gaming my @$$ off! I’ve managed to play every game I currently own, but WarMachine and/or Hordes. I was waiting for the release of the new Hordes Rule book, Primal MKII before even trying to get in a game. The book released by just a few days ago. Preparing for GenCon I didn’t even TRY to find a game. I’ll seek one out when I get back.

I pretty much gave up trying to make marginal strides towards my goals for start of the fall term. I figure when GenCon is behind me I have to get serious! We’ll have to see how that plays out. The true fear of fall term hasn’t set in yet, but its setting right at the edge of my mind.

I already have 60+ students spread out over my 3 classes this term. And there’s more than a month left until the term starts. Fall is always the heaviest term, but not always by a great margin. So I’ll have to be prepared for the term.

A goal of having the first 4 weeks planned out for all three classes is still realistic. (I think). I’d love to have more done, but 4 weeks is a bare minimum.

I got my schedule for fall Term, Monday night, Wednesday night & Thursday night.

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