So what have I been up too?

Housework and coursework mostly. Oh and I’ve been getting my game on. I’ve managed to play everything but warmachine and hordes. I’ll have to line up a game. I’ve been playing alot of Anima Tactics. Some Malifaux.

I’ve done 0 Cert study – NONE since those first few days of break. Like in the past, a degree calls to me more than a cert. There’s little career value in doing the certs, other than being able to share the experience. And apparently that isn’t enough motivation. I don’t see the motivation striking me out of the blue if it hasn’t hit yet.

I’ve pretty much made up my mind to start my EdD in Community College Leadership in the summer of 2011. Even if I don’t have any specific plans to use the degree or pursue a career as Dean, Campus President, or president, the degree will be there if I need it. I’m going to join the Seattle program of Argosy University. That’s the campus Cyn transitioned too and she’s enjoying it so far.

GenCon is closing in fast, totally looking forward to that. The ultimate Geek Experience!

Course Development is moving along. I should be way further along than I am, but I’ve stopped beating myself up over it and I’m just doing it bit by bit. It’ll be done before it needs to be done. But I see a hella Term starting in Fall. I’ve already got 60+ students signed up for my classes. I’m teaching Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

That might be it for an update…..

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