The summer is upon, ME!

The term is done – yeah!  I’m trying not to think about all the stuff I need to get into before Fall 2010. I just want to regroup. 

So lets start with gaming. I put together a list of the games I own and looking to play over the first week of break. 

Current Game list

  • Malifaux – Resurrectionist & Outcasts (Vics)
  • AE-WWII – Germans & Russians
  • Anima Tactics – Azur Alliance, Samael & Empire
  • WarMachine – Khador
  • Hordes – Trolls
  • Firestorm Armada – Soyrlians & Terran
  • Warlord Miniatures- Reptus & DarkSpawn
  •  Card Games:
  • Warhammer Invasion LCG- All Factions
  • Warlord Card Game – Several decks
  • Magic

Oh yeah I’ve got this too:

  • Confrontation (plastics/pre-painted) – Wolfen & Griffin

 I haven’t stopped reading, Still working on two different books at the moment, ShadowRun 4th edition rule book – cover to cover

and Forces of Warmachine – Cryx

 Blood Pressure (BP)

 My BP got pretty high towards the end of May. So I went to the Dr. and got some meds. I also made a dramatic shift in my diet. I realized I HAD to make a change to my diet. Being lazy wasn’t a good enough excuse to continue to do damage to my system. I just started eating salads and increased my veggie intake. Hasn’t killed me yet!

 I’m also working out. Not doing the full P90X experience as outlined. But I’m using the DVDs to make sure I’m physically active. I believe it’s helped bring my BP down.

 I can’t say I’m totally into this change in lifestyle. But its what I have to do.

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