GenCon Bound!

On Sunday I pre-registered for my GenCon Badge! It’s official – I’m on ma way!

 Returned to the WarMachine table on Friday for the release of MKII. I enjoyed it. Played one new opponent, one opponent I hadn’t played in forever and one new opponent. Dice were even keel – until the last match of course! They totally failed me! I was 2 wins – 0 losses going into that match. I was in the lead for the faction coin (the prize for having the best record in your faction at the end of the event).

 However there was another Khador player (my faction) that was 2 and 0 thanks to a bye. :( In the end I took the coin and probably 3rd place overall. We didn’t go 4 rounds as planned, not surprising at all.  There were 15 players, a decent mix of factions.

 I need time to digest the full list of rule changes and play more to see if I’m sold 100% on the “upgrade”

 Other games, not making a whole lot of progress, I’m busy as all hell!

 The list:

  • Prepare to run the ShadowRun PBeM starting Feb 1.
  • A finish reading Anima Tactics Rulebook
  • Play more Anima Tactics
  • Paint the Terran Fleet for Firestorm Armada (FSA)
  • Finish FSA rulebook
  • Play FSA
  • WarMachine MKII rule book


Not to bad – I guess!

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