I’M GOING TO GENCON! (August 5 – 8, 2010)

Found here: http://www.gencon.com/2010/indy/default.aspx


I’m headed to GenCon with my Adam and Andrew – this’ll be interesting.


So let the bloggin begin…..


What seems like forever ago, I worked for a travel agency doing IT. All kinds of IT, from network, server admin to DBA. I made some good connections.


It’s a good thing, travel websites make me weep! A lot! I don’t have patience to wade through it. That right, I can bring a server online, troubleshot with a user, but CANNOT muster mojo required to operate a travel website. I’ve tried!


So when I want to travel I call up Beth:


Beth Pederson

Pederson Consulting

Products and Services supported

by World Travel 

809 NW 143rd Street

Vancouver WA 98685


Phone  360-546-2679 / toll free 800-313-8839


I just tell her what I want to do and BLAM! Beth has taken care of three vacations and getting my parents from Philly to Oregon and back. Always good tymes. And knowing someone can help to resolve issues quickly, nothing better. I’m sure she’s gotten good press on this blog before.


Adam has been to GenCon before so he’s the operations manager of the expedition. He picked out the hotel and laid out our travel dates. I passed the info along to Beth and she’s on it.


So the next thing is registration for the convention itself, January 24th!

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