I survived Wk1!

I made it through week 1 of the term. It was true madness, but I made it. There are a lot of people on campus during the day! So much, that going in early is a must if I want to have a parking spot. So that made for some loooooong days. I’ll probably adjust my schedule a bit as the term goes on and go in later, if it looks like I’ll be able to find parking.


I have a lot of students between my three classes and It did feel good to get in front of the classroom again. Not too rusty from taking the summer off.


No time to start back with the Cert Study yet. Too much class prep and I’m still developing a class.


But its good to be WORKING! There are a lot of my students that are unemployed. I’m hoping I can help them in the quest for knowledge that will ultimately lead to full time work.

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