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Course Development – Made progress -

 My spell of self pity didn’t last long. I manage to crank out about 90% of my course over last week, I made my self imposed deadline. I managed to do a quick review and fixed some minor issues. There are some handouts to finish creating and some course details that need attention, but over all….. Getting there.

 I started on the syllabus and coarse calendar for CIS 120. CIS 120 is going to be a challenge. I’ve taught the class before, 3 years ago when I first started at PCC. It was a Saturday morning class. This class is Tuesday and Thursday morning, I have never taught a class that takes meets two times a week.

 In preparation for the fall term, I’ll have to get on campus and make sure the lab is in order. As the full time instructor I’ll take ownership of the lab and making sure the instructors that teach in the lab have what they need.

 My CIS-240M also needs to be updated with the latest dates and such for the fall term as well. And on top of all that……… I still have to start writing the other course for winter term. That’s CIS-289M.

 My part-time job is now my full-time job. I plan to take full advantage of the opportunity to improve the quality of work.

Voice recognition – I decided to try voice recognition, Windows Vista comes with it. Works very well with Word, but takes some getting use to. We’ll see how much practical use I get out of it.

Yo Joe! & District 9 - As many of you know, I’m a serious G.I. Joe fan. When I heard about the movie I figured – IT WOULD SUCK!

But I saw it anyway. With suck low expectations, there was a good possibility it wouldn’t be that bad. It wasn’t. I actually enjoyed it. It was a standard summer action flick. They didn’t managed to destroy my childhood with a hammer.

District 9 was a good movie. I didn’t know what to expect going. It was entertaining and action packed.

On the hobby front - I’m still painting, making pretty good progress on my mass of figs. I wouldn’t say I’m any closer to winning any competitions, but hey. Practice helps.

 I managed to get out and play a few games of WarMachine. Doesn’t happen all that often.

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