Harddrive Upgrade

I realized as I was preparing for the fall term I was going to need to store an additional 20 – 30 GB on my laptop……

That realization was followed by the realization of “That isn’t mathematically possible!”

Hummm……. a laptop harddrive upgrade. If I was going to do it, it needed to happen before the term starts the sooner the better. I started looking for compatible drives for my laptop. Tracked down a model and was surprised to find out, Acer laptops use standard SATA harddrives! Happy dance!

Got the new drive installed, first I installed the Vista ultimate and attempted a restore, but to perform a full restore you have to boot from the CD and perform a full system restore. Booted from the CD, it located my full backup on a USB drive and went to town. But I noticed in the messages, it would make the partitions the same size as the ones from the back up D’oh! That’s not very helpful.

However, Vista has native drive resizing. So I made a new large partition out of the 300+GB on the new drive, copied data from the smaller D partition to the new larger partition. Then I deleted the smaller D partition and expanded C into that space. So Now I’ve got plenty of space!

Yeah to a smooth IT operation, as simple as I expected it to be.

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