Disappointed in Myself

I’m very disappointed in myself. My course development came back incomplete! I’ve been off since May and I couldn’t manage to get 90% of the course posted. That’s kinda sad! That’s very sad actually. There’s NO excuse, NONE! Not the best way to start off as a full time instructor. The reviewer managed to provide some feedback, but overall this is unsatisfactory.

But, after 24 hours of stewing over it……

Time to move on, adapt and overcome. This course will be COMPLETE by Friday. DONE! and review ready. No excuses.

Oh and while I’m being disappointed with myself…… I got a $140 speeding ticket going through Stayton Oregon. Now, I can’t complain about the size of the fine, it could have been a lot worse. I couldn’t find my current registration, that would have tacked on $90. I was also rolling pretty good, wich could have tacked on another $50. So….. I know better, that area is ALWAYS crawling with cops. I didn’t see the cop because he was standing on the side of the road with the gun. Then he ran to his bright white mustang to chase me down! Going in the opposite direction a few days later, I saw two cops in the same spot doing the same thing. A lesson I won’t duplicate again.

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