Summer Off….. Kinda

While I’m not teaching this summer I am developing two new courses,  288M – MS Networking and 289M – Active Directory. The review for 288M is coming up quick so I’ve started to focus on that course. The plan is to have at least two modules completed before the review – IN FIVE DAYS!

I’m positive I can hit that goal. The plan is to complete all the background, support stuff for the course and have two modules complete by Saturday. Sunday I’ll review what I’ve completed.

I’m looking forward to full time instructing come August. The career change will do me good. When I got laid off, I reviewed my resume and it was pretty blah, 14 years of the same ish. Very little variety or professional growth over that time. Teaching will allow me to develop new skills. While no skills used in practice, they will be new skills.

One area I’d like to expand into, Database Administration. Sharpen my SQL skills for sure.

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