I’m still alive

Being semi-unemployed hasn’t driven me off the deep end, yet. Teaching has one week left, then I will truly be unemployed, 0 jobs! Then all bets are off on NOT going crazy.

I’ll still have plenty of things to keep me occupied. Provided I can stay focused enough to get them accomplished. That’s being the true challenge.

1st – Painting 4 bloody cowboys before this weekend. It didn’t happen! that’s sad, cause I’ve had months to do it. Pretty crazy.

Another items is┬ástaying on top of course development. But with 240M just about done, that shouldn’t be all that hard. I HAVE managed to stay on top grading, getting final grades in should be a cake walk, even with the end of term bum rush of assignments.

Cyn headed to DC for her Dr. Course Orientation. She’s been there for 3 days so far, and has one more to go. She’s headed home late Sunday. She’ll turn around and head to class Monday morning – ouch. She was very stressed leading up to this trip, if you read her blog you’ll see that. Big tyme. So I’m hosting made gaming this weekend. Plenty of dice rolling.

I’ll have to start a game post with a full update on my current gaming – thing.

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