Just One Job

Well its been 3 years since I’ve been down to one job. Not really feeling it.  I can’t say a break from the normal pace is a bad thing, but I’ve gotten use to the pace of having two jobs. So what have I been up too?


I put together a list that outlines my three main objectives:

#1 – Find a job


#2 – Caught up on current course CIS 240M, caught up means grading and such. Only another two weeks and this will be removed from the list. And #3 will jump.


#3 – Course Development. I’m writing two new courses for PCC CIS-288M and 289M


So when I wake up in the morning I start with the first item on the list. Once I become frustrated with the blah of job hunting, which generally doesn’t take long I move on to item #2. I haven’t been doing a very good job is getting caught up here. But a good solid hour or two and that’ll be resolved. Item #3 will move to #2 and I’ll find something else for Item number #3.


Once those items are done for the day I move onto other items on the Nice to get done list. That list isn’t as, formal: Includes things like house work – yeah for me, gaming stuff, etc.


Cert study is officially on hold. The value (for me personally) isn’t there right now, but that could change.


I’m always looking for billable work at the old job as it’ll bring SOME loot if I find actual work. There are few items there but nothing to keep me swamped, by any means.


I got unemployment figured out! Yeah! Wasn’t that painful. No one was hurt in the process – physically.

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