Paper Chase

So what does my current status as unemployed mean for my continued certification plan, that’s a good question.

I don’t know. I’d been considering taking a break from getting my certs, the constant study. But it was the only thing I had going for me at the new job AND the boss wanted us to be fully cert’d. Well that’s certainly changed.

The question I’m faced with now, do certs bring enough value to my resume to continue for the time being? Does the cost, $125 per Cert, outweight the percieved value and benefit?

14 years experience as a network/system admin, certs don’t mean a whole lot. I’ve got several so far, MCSA and MCTS. That may as well be enough.

We shall see, I haven’t seen enough jobs in networking to determine if its worth yet. I’ll have ot keep an eye on it. In the meantime, I’m on a break from certs.

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