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So, I picked the Hordes Book Metamorphosis. I’m not really playing Hordes right now, but I was very interested in the fluff (the fiction that surrounds the game – in case you didn’t know) It was good read, I found the fluff on the factions more interesting that the WarMachine fluff. The Hordes fluff has a lot more going on than just WAR!
You’ve got factions each with there own, issues. And fighting for more than just expansion:

- The Legion fluff is probably my favorite, I’m big on dragon stuff and in the Iron Kingdoms, dragons really are a BIG DEAL!

- Next up would, Circle. My favorite Khadorian caster makes an appearance. And then there’s theĀ  dragon tie-in. Boo-ya!

- Skorne’s fluff is pretty good.

- I hate to say it but Trolls comes in last. My favorite caster for Trolls, Doomshaper gets some good airplay here. But the refugee, just want to be left alone thing Trolls has going on is kinda, blah.

This book jumped ahead of some of my other readings. But with it done, I’ll move back to the AE rule book and figuring out how to play Universalis.
Hordes: Metamophosis

Hordes: Metamorphosis

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