It hasn’t sunk in yet?!

Well not fully anyway…..

I’m not sleeping, so my body certainly realizes there’s a problem. BUT, the rest of me hasn’t caught up yet. I’m getting about 5 hours worth of sleep, is uncommon for me. I’m going to be late and getting up early. In some cases earlier than I would if I was WORKING! – 5am

Cyn’s Birthday party is Sunday, the coordination of that is keeping the brain occupied. I’m suspecting after Sunday night, FULL MELTDOWN!

I’ve got things in the works and options are forming, but there’s nothing set in stone.

My resume is done, next will be to create a resume webpage of the robertsguild site. I picked up the laser printer business cards so I have my contact information handy when I’m out into the world.

Next big thing is to plan a trip to the Unemployment office. I’ve got to figure out the numbers and talk to someone to find out if its worth it to even file, or if I should wait, etc.

I’ll probably go in and start the paper trail, soon. Today would probably be the best day.

Job Hunting sites I plan to use so far:

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