70-642 – Prep

So I’m studying, I’ve got two virtual machines setup with Server 2008 installed. I’ve been going through the Microsoft Press book doing excercises and taking the practice tests. But I’m a little worried about the overall test. I”m very familiar with most of the topics, DHCP, DNS, IPv4 and other misc networking topics. Other topics like IPv6, Network Access Protocol I’m not so familiar with, but it’s flowing. The practice tests provided with the book are decent, showed me how much of the materials I am familar with.

The worry comes from how much more do I need in order to be able to pass the test. I’m not that confident that I could test right away (now!). So I started looking at Transcender for my old 30 days of access. While reading a review of a cert book someone said they used Self-Test Software. So I went out and did some research. Kaplan IT Learning owns both Transcender and Self-Test. (I thought the sites looked a little similar). I downloaded a demo test from Self-Test and it looks and feels like Transcender.

Now he’s the deal…… Self-Test offers a discount when you purchase more product at one time. My plan is to take 5 more tests, which would qualify me for a 30% discount. I’d order the downloadable product for all of the test I wanna take at one time. Doing the 299 exam proved to me that 30-day access is a bit of a gamble…… I think I’m going to order up the downloadbable testing software for my remaining tests and just start taking them until I’m ready.

One of the book reviewer gave a very simple process for cert testing:

  • Step 1: Review materials from book
  • Step 2: Use testing software from the book and get 80% consistantly.
  • Step 3: Use a second source testing software (transcender, Self-Test, etc) and get 80% consistenly
  • Step 4: Test

Sounds simple enough, I’d like to take this test in the second week of April, so if that’s my plan I need to get wif it!

IPv4 Subnetting is back. It’s never been my strongest subject. Most of the other topics are flowing pretty smoothly.

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