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For years I’ve talked about needing to read more, not just professionally but for leisure. So I’m doing a touch more reading and posting it up here might keep me moving.

I said Might!

So for the first post:

The first rule book for the Privateer Press Game Hordes. The third book came out in Late February and I didn’t rush right out to pick it up. It goes with my Trolls army and I haven’t picked up Trolls in a year. Last time I played was at the End of March 08 @ the Local Convention GameStorm. So I figured if I was going to pick up the book it’d be for the fluff (background/gaming world details and stories) and that wouldn’t make sense unless I’d gone through the fluff of the first two books, in detail. So Primal is the name of the first book.

Hordes 1st Rule Book

Hordes 1st Rule Book

I’ve read the starting fluff and I’m into the section on Trolls. Who knows, that might motivate me to play them again. HA! Anything is possible.

Professionally, I’ve started on the 70-642 test, Network Administration. Oh, I snaked the book image from Amazon, so no click to see what’s inside. :)

70-642 Study Guide

Oh and I’m trying to catchup on Comics….. I know I don’t talk much about them at all. But how geek-E would I be without collecting comics.

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