Where have I been?

Right here, doing what I always do……. Fitting 96 hours worth of “STUFF” into 48 hours (or less). I wish I could say I’ve been chillin all summer long, but that is far from the case. My pace since returning from vacation has been about normal, borderline insane.

First back to the classroom. This experience has been mixed: growth, challenge, and down right blah. Start with the blah and the challenging, there is so much info to deliver its overwhelming for me and the class. I’m spending about three hours, outside of class in prep work/grading – which is about right. The additional blah comes from the pay, its not much, but pretty bad on the best scale. Money isn’t my only reason for teaching, however it helps ease the blunt force trauma to free time. Overall, Teaching at the Art Institute has been a good experience.

Its helping me to expand my teaching experience and broaden my horizons. The pre-teaching training was very helpful and insightful. Helped me to change my focus and approach towards teaching. And I’ll carry this approach with me into the Fall term at PCC. The overall evaluations from my students in 240 and 289 last term was enlightening. The most helpful where the middle of the board or less than flattering responses. I think we as people learn more from the experiences with less than positive results than the ones that go extremely well. So my time are AI will help to shape and mod how I teach in the future. I think the 08/09 school year will be very different from first few years of teaching.

So beyond that –
- Day job – going well. I’m pretty comfortable with things. I fell like part of the team, The open house went ok. turnout wasn’t great, but I think we can make some loot.

I’ve been putting in a lot of time in learning what I can about managed services and how I can frame our offering. I’ve enjoyed that. Taking ownership of something helps shape ones vision and invest in the outcome.

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