Vacation Update #3

(Found this in the draft area – un posted)
Friday –

Hershey Park, Hershey PA. We got up and rolled out at 8am. Using the GPS, which my mother named Jenny (don’t ask) we made dam good tyme. Along the way we spotted a Target and a Toys R Us. Cyn was driving so I planned to stop on the way back, when I’d be driving.

We got there at 10:10 am. Just minutes after the park was open. Great timing! Cyn, Mom and Andrea headed for the first roller coaster of the day. Andrea ended up getting out of line to have a mother daughter talk with my niece Dayja (I have no idea how to spell it). Mom and Cyn had a BLAST on the roller coaster. Andrea and Dayja walked around and went on a few rides waiting on them. I just wandered around. When Mom and Cyn got done me and Andrea went on a roller coaster (I’m sooooo not sure what I was thinking!) But I did. It went quick but it was no joke. Scared the crap out of me and I called for my mother.

Andrea was on a mission to ride every massive monster in the park. We walked around to find the next roller coaster for her to ride. As she got in line me and Cyn went in on the kissing tower. Basically it took you up above the park and spun around. Simple enough. Cyn and Dayja went on several rides while me and mom ate a VERY expensive snack and chatted. Then it was off to find the next big roller coaster. Some of those things scared me from the ground. And even Cyn who had a roller coaster thing going on passed. We got on a few rides along the way.

There is a lot of walking around amusement parks and we certainly walked. We made our way to the Boardwalk side of the park and everyone wanted to get on the water ride. I opted to hold the bags and stuff. While they were in line I had a t-shirt made. I happen to have a robertsguild card on me and had it airbrushed onto a shirt. It came out very nice. The girls got totally soaked on the water ride!

So it was off to eat and try to dry off. We realized it was getting late, everyone was tired. Andrea wanted to ride one more roller coaster, but changed her mind after seeing the line. We made our way towards to main gate. We stopped plenty of times for souvenirs, trinkets and a hunk of fudge called death by chocolate!

As we loaded into the shuttle back too the car, it started raining. By the time we got to the car it was pouring! Talk about timing. We got the water situated and headed out. It continued to pour down raining with lightning and everything for most of the ride home. Oddly enough, Jenny didn’t take us home the same way we started. So no Target or Toys R Us. But that’s ok…… :)

I felt so grimy. But had to pick up dinner before I could relax. Cyn had a Cheese Steak and I ordered an Italian Hoagie, Everything sweet with mayo and oil. It was good! I do miss having one of those every now and then.

That was a great day! Everyone enjoyed themselves.

Over the course of the trip I also learned how I developed my aversion to dairy. Dad….. I guess as a baby I was allergic to milk. Cyn is going to try the lactaid milk when we get home for various things she makes so I don’t always have to reach for a pill.

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