Want to become a run-line guy (or gal)?

My co-worked passed this list on to me today. He is a big run line person. He knows plenty of these commands but this is a massive list. Run line people are a mix between GUI (myself) and command prompt people:


Active Directory Management  admgmt.msc

ADSI Edit  adsiedit.msc

Application Server  appsrv.msc

Authorization Manager  azman.msc

Certificates  certmgr.msc

Certificate Authority  certsrv.msc

Certificate Templates  certtmpl.msc

Indexing Service  ciadv.msc

Component Services  comexp.msc

Computer Management  compmgmt.msc

Default Domain Controller Security Settings  dcpol.msc

Device Manager  devmgmt.msc

Disk defragmenter  dfrg.msc

Distributed File System  dfsgui.msc

DHCP  dhcpmgmt.msc

Disk Management  diskmgmt.msc

DNS  dnsmgmt.msc

Active Directory Domains and Trusts  domain.msc

Default Domain Security Settings  dompol.msc

Active Directory Users and Computers  dsa.msc

Active Directory Sites and Services  dssite.msc

Event Viewer  eventvwr.msc

Exchange System Manager  Exchange System Manager.msc

File Server Management  filesvr.msc

Shared Folders  fsmgmt.msc

Microsoft Fax Service Manager  fxsadmin.msc

Group Policy  gpedit.msc

Group Policy Management  gpmc.msc

Internet Authentication Service  ias.msc

Internet Information Services  iis.msc

IP Address Management  ipaddrmgmt.msc

Local Users and Groups  lusrmgr.msc

.NET Configuration 1.1  mscorcfg.msc

Removable Storage  ntmsmgr.msc

Removable Storage Operator Requests  ntmsoprq.msc

Performance  perfmon.msc

Enterprise PKI  pkiview.msc

Public Key Management  pkmgmt.msc

Routing and Remote Access   rrasmgmt.msc

Remote Storage  rsadmin.msc

Resultant Set of Policy  rsop.msc

Active Directory Schema  schmmgmt.msc

Local Security Settings  secpol.msc

Services  services.msc

Sidwalk  sidwalk.msc

Telephony  tapimgmt.msc

Terminal Services Configuration/Connections  tscc.msc

Remote Desktops  tsmmc.msc

UDDI Services Console  uddi.msc

Active Directory Users and Computers (Exchange version)  users and computers.msc

WINS  winsmgmt.msc

Windows Management Infrastructure (WMI)  wmimgmt.msc



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