I installed WSUS 2.0 in my virtual Environment and realized I’d have to use a physical network connection. Well then I realized the DHCP server was handing out IP addressed on both network cards – NO! that’s not good. So I had to hit the books (Google really) and I can came across this:


Troubleshooting DHCP:


And from there I ended up here:


I knew I had to tell DHCP not to hand out IP addresses on the external network card.


So my Virtual environment looks like this:

One Active Directory Domain

- Two 2003 Servers

- One Windows XP Client

- One 2003 Server and the XP client have one network card set to local only.

- The second 2003 Server is setup with two network cards. One is local and the other is set too the external physical network card in the laptop. This server is acting as the router for the environment. DNS has been configured to forward DNS requests too the outside DNS Server. DHCP is also running on the virtual environment.


When I’m done, All the clients will be updated using WSUS. The entire virtual world will have access too the Internet.

So I got WSUS installed and 700+ updates for XP and 2003 downloaded. The Group Policy for the Server 2003 and XP client appears to work on the server but not the client. I might be missing something on XP system.


Wow talk about geek speak!

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