Virtual PC & Wireless Cards

I decided I wanted to freshen up on my WSUS skills. So I went to Microsoft’s site to download it. Is anything ever easy in the tech world? Of course not…..

First things first, getting my Virtual Server on the Internet. I discovered that wireless cards, in most cases are not available as a networking option to a virtual machine. So I had to use my standard network card. That meant I had to run a network cable from my room too the FiOS modem. Nothing like running cable through the house to get everyone’s attention. I had to assign static IP info too the network card and make some DNS changes. The virtual server is also the server I use for my teaching. But it worked…..

I downloaded WSUS and went to install it, nope. I had to download three other components before I could install WSUS. One of those installs, Service pack 2! So that took a while. In the end, I got the server setup to run WSUS. I configured SUS to pull down English updates only for Server 2003 & Windows XP. Tonight I’ll hook up the laptop directly too the FiOS router again and kick off a synchronization.

The next step will be to create a Group Policy object for my 2003 Server and my XP Client to receive updates from the main server. Might even configure the other 2003 to synchronize with the primary server. Guess it depends on how I feel.

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