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Its not coming easy, that’s for sure. But I’m strong in my resolve. I’m leaning towards moving to my 2008 certs. But I want my MCSA before I go, that’s ONE dam test – Exam 70-299: Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network.


I’ve got all the time in the world to work on it. There’s no real excuse for me not having this topic mastered. Realizing that, I’ve started to put forth more brain power.


So I’m back to using Transender, taking 20 question quizzes and then spending the time reviewing correct answers and explanations.  It’s getting in there. I HOPE!


These are the things I think will help me out the most:

Domain & Forest Trusts

Encryption Protocols

Default Security templates



SUS is a big part of this test as well. Just like my last one (291). I haven’t used it since I started my new job, but I used it extensively at my last job. So a lot of the logic is still there. I could easily install it in my test environment and dabble with it some more. On the long side, May 9th is still my target date. BUT it would be cool to hammer it out before then. My Transender runs out on the 18th of April. So it’d be cool not to have to purchase an extension. 

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